Archon Delivers Next-Generation,
Enterprise-Class Web Security

With mobile workers outside UTM perimeters, web filtering can't be treated as an afterthought. Phishing, ransomware, botnets, and other malevolent code is quickly injected and brought into your network from outside.

Safeguard your clients with:

Proxy Based Web Filtering

Archon filters traffic through a proxy system, allowing you to grant access to some parts of a site while blocking others. And where DNS leaves users exposed if a safe site is compromised with malvertising, Archon’s proxy scans all portions regardless of reputation.

Total Endpoint Protection

Traditional UTM systems only protect devices inside their networks, leaving employees outside the perimeter exposed. Archon protection travels with the device.

Cloud-Based Management

Centrally managed and deployed with a single click, Archon eliminates the need to maintain costly hardware. Updates are sent to all protected devices regardless of their location, eliminating the need to VPN back into the security perimeter for protection.

Machine Learning Optimization

Capable of learning from each new deployment and scanned site, Archon self optimizes. Discoveries are then shared to ensure the entire Archon-protected community benefits.

Better Security Visibility

Through its intuitive dashboard and beautiful, detailed, and customizable reporting, Archon can provide levels of visibility other systems don’t. Generate reports for your full fleet, a single customer, or an individual user.

Archon’s model represents a new and improved approach to front line security.

It is designed around the realities of today’s work environment and IT systems.


Meeting today’s web security challenges.

Archon by Zorus was built specifically to address the unique challenges of today’s modern work environment.

The Challenge The Archon Solution
All-or-none DNS level blocking is too coarse for many business needs. Archon’s proxy-based system allows company employees access to some parts of a website or system while blocking access to others.
Most remote employees connect to the cloud for email and applications instead of VPN’ing back to the security perimeter, thereby exposing company systems. Archon protects at the device level and can set it up to travel with employees and their devices.
Maintaining security systems can be time-consuming and disruptive to work Archon is cloud-based. Updates are easy to deploy, and adding new users can be done without disruption to daily workflows.
Criminals are continually adapting and exploiting new ways to cause trouble Archon uses machine learning and artificial intelligence. It gets smarter with each user. Any discoveries and improvements are then shared across all Archon users.
Increased visibility into network activity is important to companies. Archon can produce rich reports, notifications, and detailed audit logs individually or at timed intervals.

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Benefits to MSPs

“When we were able to demo Zorus we saw a huge difference immediately. The level of deep analysis, web security and control was like nothing we’ve seen before. Deployment was really simple, and I rolled it out in passive mode for a week to some of my end users.

Ben Filippelli ASCII Member. IT Director Level 5 Management Boca Raton, FL

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