Understanding Archon:
How Proxy-Based Protection Works


See, control, and protect with the superior, proxy-based web security of Archon.

Archon is deployed and managed through a cloud-based architecture. A small local agent is downloaded to protected devices that connect the device to Archon’s security software. Once protected, web traffic called to the device is first filtered through a proxy server that can be customized to allow certain traffic while blocking others.

Filtering happens at the packet level, which means Archon can block portions of a website or service while still allowing access to other parts. This approach is different from traditional DNS-level blocking, which allows or prevents traffic from an entire source and is often too heavy-handed. DNS also relies on the reputation of a website and will not scan websites that are generally known to be safe. However, with today's cybersecurity environment, all websites are subject to being compromised through multiple means such as malvertising or hostile takeover.

Archon has a “zero trust” security model built into its core, scanning every URL on every page regardless of its reputation. In addition, the Archon system analyzes all data coming from the web on every page view – even opening SSL encryption where malicious code is sometimes hidden. All traffic is monitored for phishing, cryptolockers, spyware, and other malware before being forwarded on to the device.

Archon learns with each installation and site that is scanned, and as novel attempts to breach security are made and blocked, Archon passes what it’s learned on to all other protected users. This entire process happens very quickly without any noticeable performance issues to the person using the computer. Behind the scenes, the Archon system filters and monitors traffic 24-7-365, logging all activity that can be made available through reports that we can generate individually or on timed intervals.

In the world of zero-day threats and evolving malicious websites, web filtering is a must-have, but this tool based on a proxy, scans every part of every website eliminating any blind spots that exist.

Ben Filippelli ASCII Member. IT Director Level 5 Management Boca Raton, FL

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