Triton for Archon

Monitor employees web usage and desktop applications, whether they’re in the office, or remote.

Triton gives businesses a way to monitor web and desktop application use across all company computers – whether or not they are within the network. Right-sized to provide oversight without requiring extensive policy documentation, Triton by Zorus is a smart fit for businesses looking for visibility without heavy-handed intrusion.


With Triton you can:

  • Learn which web tools and desktop applications are being used by whom, how often, and when
  • Track back to events like malware injections, using the timeline
  • Monitor and identify productivity trends to optimize workflow
  • Determine which web-based application’s are providing the most business value
  • View robust reports on an employee, group or entire staff

A respectful level of visibility into workplace web use:


Monitors active tabs, idle time and toggling between browser windows and desktop apps


Monitors at the device level – whether its inside or outside a company network - perfect for work-from-home employees


Captures active web and desktop application use down to a 5-second margin of error


Store up to 6 months of monitoring data for auditing purposes


Works across all modern web browsers and desktop applications

Revolutionary web and application monitoring for your clients. Added business benefits for you.

Triton’s exclusive time tracking technology is exceptionally accurate – observing the full URL or desktop application with a 5-second margin of error. Unlike DNS firewall reports, which use imprecise algorithms and estimates, Triton knows which browser tabs and applications are active and in front, and which are idling in the background.


Provide a value-added service Definitively see where and how long employees are on the web or using desktop applications Increase productivity by eliminating time wasting sites from the network or desktop Monitor one person, a group or an entire company Get detailed reporting on employees and groups Review employee activity to mitigate security risks Uncover policy, compliance and security gaps


Create a new revenue stream Modestly priced, with room for mark-up Combined with Archon, provides a powerful web security, web filtering and employee monitoring solution Take advantage of increased work-from-home security opportunities Provide workforce productivity peace-of-mind to your clients

A value-added service for MSPs - with recurring revenue potential

As an add-on to Archon, Triton gives you the ability to pass an additional value-added service to your clients. And Triton is modestly priced, offering room for mark-up.