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Joe N.

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Sally W.

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Rodger B.

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Kevin S.

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Susan R.

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Joe N. from your organization Acme Corp has spent 35 minutes on today

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Activity Monitoring

Monitor active tabs, idle time, and toggling between browser windows and desktop apps.

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Audit Trail

Store up to 6 months of monitoring data for auditing purposes and legal compliance.

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Works across all modern web browsers and desktop applications, including Microsoft Edge.

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Event Tracking

Track back to events like malware injections, using the timeline interface in the Zorus Portal.

Increased visibility, even with a completely remote workforce.

74% of CFOs intend to increase remote work at their organization after the outbreak.

Triton gives businesses a way to monitor web and desktop application use across all company computers – whether or not they are within the network.

Right-sized to provide oversight without requiring extensive policy documentation, Triton by Zorus is a smart fit for businesses looking for visibility without heavy-handed intrusion.

Talk to us about a respectful level of visibility into workplace web use.

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Learn which apps are being used.

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Track back to events using the timeline.

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Monitor & identify productivity trends.

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Activities and Events
Time Spent
Activity Details
1m 25s
John Office
Web page:
Application: Google Chrome 87
12m 13s
Marsha Laptop
Web page:
Application: Google Chrome 87
4m 18s
Kevin iMac
Web page:
Application: Google Chrome 87
25m 16s
Greg Laptop
Web page:
Application: Google Chrome 87
41m 12s
Mike Office
Web page:
Application: Google Chrome 87

Search and filter through events with complete ease.

Reconstructing events has never been easier, with Zorus' event filtering functionality. You can quickly and easily sort through each secured endpoint for the specific time and activity you're looking for.

When you type into the search box, the event filter automatically parses through each datapoint, and returns the results in record time. You can see which endpoint was using a particular application, or which endpoints were viewing certain web pages, all from the same screen.

Gain visibility with the timeline event tracker.

View robust reports on an employee, segment, or the entire organization.

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Machine Lock
Microsoft Office

“We were looking for a UTM / Monitoring solution for our mobile clients because there was less protection when they left the corporate firewall. Zorus Archon plays an important role for us as more users are working remotely due to the pandemic. In addition to great web security, the productivity reporting via Triton is a big hit with management. We tried others but they were too intrusive and expensive for our SMB clients.”

-Dave Connelly, Group CCI