How Zorus Safeguards Internet Traffic Beyond Your Browser

How Zorus Safeguards Internet Traffic Beyond Your Browser

In today’s digital landscape, organizations face a multitude of cybersecurity threats, making it crucial to have robust security measures in place. One such solution is a secure web gateway, which monitors and controls internet traffic to prevent access to malicious content or websites.

We are proud to introduce Zorus, a product that not only checks browser-based internet traffic but also monitors all applications and processes running on the device, ensuring comprehensive protection for your network.

How Zorus Works

Conventional web gateways and network filters reroute your internet/DNS traffic through their infrastructure causing latency/routing issues, but Zorus provides an extra layer of security by inspecting all processes locally on your machine that attempt to communicate with the internet without modifying any internet or DNS settings. This means that any application, not just browsers, will be intercepted and assessed for potential risks regardless of the network or VPN they are on without routing issues.

For instance, you manage a network of devices that are not allowed to use Dropbox. If any device attempts to use the Dropbox application it will fail to connect to any of its services. This is equally as true of any process that may have found its way on the device trying to connect to malicious destinations. This dramatically improves your security when processes are sneaked by your anti-virus running on the compromised device.

What to Expect When a Connection from Process on the Device is Blocked

When Zorus blocks a connection to a process running on the device, users will not see a typical block page as they would within a browser. Instead, the affected application will display errors such as “cannot communicate to servers” or similar messages. This is because Zorus operates outside the browser environment, focusing on securing the communication between applications and the internet. Browser traffic will show customized block pages though for malicious or blocked content.

Benefits of Zorus

By monitoring and controlling internet traffic for all processes on your machine, Zorus offers several key advantages:

  • Comprehensive Protection: Zorus ensures that all applications, not just browsers, are protected from cybersecurity threats, providing a more secure environment for your organization.
  • Improved Network Security: By intercepting and assessing traffic for all processes, Zorus reduces the risk of malicious content infiltrating your network, keeping sensitive data safe.
  • Simplified Management: Zorus allows you to manage security policies across all applications in one centralized platform, making it easier to maintain and update your organization’s cybersecurity measures.

As cyber threats continue to evolve, it’s essential to invest in robust security solutions that protect your organization’s network and data. Zorus provides comprehensive protection by monitoring and controlling internet traffic for all processes on your machine, ensuring a secure environment for your organization.

Don’t leave the security of your non-browser applications to chance; trust Zorus to keep your entire network safe from malicious content and potential cyberattacks.

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