DNS Web Protection for the Modern Era

Cybersecurity that helps IT professionals protect clients from themselves

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    DNS filtering without the DNS changes

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    User analytics reporting with CyberSight

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    Zero-trust device isolation

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    Geo IP & network filtering

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    SaaS inventory & usage

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“Zorus is easy to deploy and easy to manage. It doesn’t break your environment, VPNs, Active Directory or custom DNS implementations like traditional DNS filtering. It’s also very cost-effective.”

Mike Giovaninni, Netwerks

Brian D’Arcy, CMIT Solutions

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DNS filtering doesn’t have to be a drag

Until now, DNS filtering was a total headache. You had to spend hours changing DNS settings in Every. Single. F*cking. Router.

There was always a concern you’d break your client’s internet (and have to deal with a million frantic phone calls.).

And once the filter was in place, it was noisy — generating a ton of support tickets because it didn’t play nice with your other tools.

Zorus Filtering with CyberSight, DNS protection for the modern era


No DNS changes or reporting required. (Hallelujah!!) Save up to 45 minutes per installation.

Easy to deploy
and use

Spend less time learning and managing a new tool — and more time focused on your clients’ success. 

Get in.
Get out.

Our global policy makes it easy to make mass changes and manage all of your customers at once. 

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“Zorus is straightforward and simple. I did my due diligence with WebTitan and I thought I knew it, but there were so many gotchas! Zorus is clean and just works."

Mike Giovaninni, Netwerks

Luc Cole, Thatch Computer Consulting

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Get way more than *just* DNS filtering. Because you’re way more than *just* IT support. 

Keep clients coming back for more with the insights generated by CyberSight. This technology, exclusive to Zorus, analyzes how users spend time in thick client and SaaS applications.

Use these insights to save clients time, money and stress.


Protect clients from bad actors

Get detailed reports you can share with clients about potential breaches and threats. Prove your value by demonstrating the risks they face every day.


Keep ‘em in compliance

Get complete visibility into all of the tech in your client’s environment. Easily spot Shadow IT. Ensure every tool complies with programs like HIPAA, CMMC, etc.


Maximize their tech ROI

Help clients save money on unnecessary licenses. Show clients which tools are adding to their productivity — and which they’re just wasting money on. 

Why MSPs like you love Zorus

Plays nice with the tools you use every day

Say goodbye to the hassles of complex deployment and management. Zorus integrates seamlessly with the channel’s top vendors and solutions.

No more extra configurations. No more DNS changes. No more stress. We've simplified security for you, ensuring seamless operations and happier clients.

Discover Zorus Filtering
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Fast, friendly U.S.
-based support

Our U.S.-based support team is always ready to help you quickly resolve problems, minimize downtime and keep your clients happy.

To quote our favorite Italian restaurant chain, “When you’re here, you’re family.” 

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“Zorus support people are always a pleasure to work with. It’s not like that with the big software players. With Zorus, if I open a ticket, they’re on it."

Mike Giovaninni, Netwerks

Sean Lange, Spidernet Solutions

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Brandable block pages, portal and more

Your clients are yours. We make it easy to white-label our block pages, portal and more to fit your brand. Your clients will never know we’re here. 

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Tools to promote
YOUR business

You’ll get a ton of flyers, presentations and other marketing materials you can customize to highlight your value to customers. Save time and stress attracting new customers and keep current ones coming back for more. 


Leaders, developers and engineers who care (for real)

We are constantly looking for ways to better serve you and your customers. Our partners have direct access to our product and leadership team. Bring us your problems. We’ll try and build the solutions.

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“Zorus is the kind of vendor that is really your partner. They’re there to help you.”

Mike Giovaninni, Netwerks

Lisa Niekamp-Urwin, Tomorrow’s Technology Today

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See how Zorus transformed this MSP's business

“We’re all skeptical of the latest shiny new thing. But Zorus delivers. I have peace of mind. My clients have peace of mind.”

— Mike Giovaninni, Netwerks