Improved security and workforce productivity
for your clients. Better business for you.

Eliminate phishing, ransomware, botnets and malware. Protect any device inside or outside the Firewall/UTM perimeter. Monitor employee web and application use. Reduce your costs and improve profitability.

See, control and protect with superior proxy-based security.
Monitor employee web and application use to improve productivity.

Today’s workers use multiple devices and are on the move presenting unique security challenges that traditional perimeter-based UTM security can't adequately solve. Archon delivers a next-generation web filtering layer designed to help overburdened UTM systems meet modern security requirements.

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Six ways Archon outperforms other web filtering security.

Proxy-based Web FilteringDeep scan every asset on every page.

Total Endpoint ProtectionProtect devices outside of a UTM perimeter.

Cloud Based ManagementDeploy instantly with a single click. Scale quickly and easily.

Machine Learning OptimizationSelf optimized, getting smarter with each new user.

Better Security VisibilityRobust on-demand reporting and an intuitive dashboard.

Employee MonitoringMonitor web and application use in office and work-from-home locations.


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Average threats blocked daily


A Better Business Opportunity for MSPs.

Sold exclusively through our MSP relationships, Archon delivers the best frontline web-filtering security available while reducing your cost and overhead. Add Triton Employee Monitoring and open a second revenue stream aimed at companies with more work-from-home employees.

With Archon you can:

  • Save time and money by maintaining the system from the cloud
  • Avoid costs associated with servicing on-site hardware
  • Deliver detailed reporting as a value-add or revenue stream
  • Administer and manage from your PSA/RMM

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Benefits to MSPs

Triton Employee Monitoring


Provide respectful but comprehensive workforce monitoring of web and desktop application use

Built on Archon’s leading-edge platform, Triton Employee Monitoring allows MSPs to provide a balanced level of employee web and desktop application monitoring to their customers. With convenient timeline views, a 5-second margin or error, auditable reports and archived for 6 months, it presents an additional service - and recurring revenue stream - directly aimed at today’s increasing number of work-from-home employees.

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“Archon not only comes with state-of-the-art threat intelligence, but it offers employee productivity monitoring and more granular reporting data. I use it to have regular conversations with my clients.”

Josh Wilson, CEO Push Motion, LLC Loganville GA

Experience you can count on —
expertise you can trust.

Zorus was founded by former Datto technology executives. Leveraging experience launching enterprise-grade software systems, Zorus brings together technical skills and business acumen - as well as first-hand knowledge of what MSPs need.

Our flagship product, Archon, is designed specifically and exclusively for use by MSPs and Triton Employee Monitoring was created in response to requests from our MSP partners.

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