50% of employees will continue to work remotely after COVID-19 ends.

Protect & monitor endpoints anywhere your users work.

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The most advanced first-line security platform, built exclusively for Managed Service Providers.


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Archon Next-Generation Enterprise-Class Web Security

See traffic with activity overviews across an entire organization.

Today’s workers use multiple devices, and are on the move, presenting unique security challenges that traditional perimeter-based UTM security can't adequately solve. Archon delivers a next-generation web filtering layer designed to help overburdened UTM systems meet modern security requirements.

With Archon, you can granularly understand how you’re protecting your clients, with detailed breakdowns of web requests.

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Security analytics
Oct 2 - Oct 9
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Customer: Cornhole Bank

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Generate & schedule delivery of white-labeled reports.

Reporting to your clients the breadth and depth of how you're securing their endpoints has never been easier.

With Zorus' white-labeled reporting, you can easily schedule daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly updates that get delivered right to your clients' inbox.

Select which areas you want to report on, configure the scheduler, and automatically generate a PDF report with your logo on it. It's that easy.

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Stop ransomware before it becomes a threat.

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Filter and eliminate phishing activity.

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Block botnet traffic from your network.

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Triton Employee Productivity Visibility & Management

74% of CFOs intend to increase remote work at their organization after the outbreak.

Triton gives businesses a way to monitor web and desktop application use across all company computers – whether or not they are within the network.

Right-sized to provide oversight without requiring extensive policy documentation, Triton by Zorus is a smart fit for businesses looking for visibility without heavy-handed intrusion.

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Joe N.

01:10pm - 01:45pm

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Sally W.

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Rodger B.

01:10pm - 01:45pm

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Kevin S.

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Susan R.

01:10pm - 01:45pm

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Tom L.

01:10pm - 01:45pm

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Ryan S.

01:10pm - 01:45pm

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Joe N. from your organization Acme Corp has spent 35 minutes on today

Gain visibility with the timeline event tracker.

View robust reports on an employee, segment, or the entire organization.

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Machine Lock
Microsoft Office

Talk to us about a respectful level of visibility into workplace web use.

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Learn which apps are being used.

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Track back to events using the timeline.

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Monitor & identify productivity trends.

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“Archon not only comes with state-of-the-art threat intelligence, but it offers employee productivity monitoring and more granular reporting data. I use it to have regular conversations with my clients.”

-Josh Wilson, PushMotion LLC

“When we were able to demo Zorus we saw a huge difference immediately. The level of deep analysis, web security and control was like nothing we’ve seen before. Deployment was really simple.”

-Ben Filippelli, Level 5 Management