DNS filtering shouldn’t drive you (or your clients) crazy

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Zorus integrates with your RMM and immediately starts filtering. No additional DNS changes or rerouting required. 

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Set it.
Forget it. 

Once the endpoints are deployed, every device is protected. No matter where the user goes. No VPN. No rerouting. No worries. 

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Make mass

Need to block a domain for every client? Our global policy lets you manage all of your customers — without breaking their internet.

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Easy unblock

Sometimes users need to visit blocked sites. With our white-labeled unblock requests, you can let them through — without any hassle. 

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“The ease of use is absolutely key. I can turn a junior tech loose on the Zorus dashboard and they know what they’re looking at. It doesn’t take days to figure it out. We can set up a new client in under 10 minutes — it’s that fast.”

Mike Giovaninni, Netwerks

Mike Giovaninni, Netwerks

Learn Mike’s client success story

Get the insights you need to stand out from the competition

We know it takes a lot to stand out as an MSP these days. That’s why we help you do more than just DNS filtering. 

Our CyberSight technology analyzes how your clients’ users spend time in thick client and SaaS applications. 

Use these insights to save clients time, money and stress. And keep them coming back for more. 

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Pricing and programs that help you maximize your MRR

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Simple pricing

Take advantage of tier-based pricing. The more seats you have, the lower the cost per seat. 

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Added revenue potential

Boost your margin-making potential by offering our reporting services as an add-on.

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Refer and save!

Refer someone to our demo and get a $50 gift card. If they sign up, we’ll take 50% off your next bill.

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Brett Cheloff

Brett Cheloff

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Michael Hruza

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