Case Study: Spidernet Technical Consulting

Case Study: Spidernet Technical Consulting

Sean Lange

Senior Cybersecurity Analyst, Spidernet Technical Consulting

How Spidernet finally found an MSP-friendly tool that made DNS filtering easy, provided top-notch customer support and cut down on wasted time.

The problem

Just like romantic relationships, NBA trades and square pegs/round holes … some things just aren’t the right fit. 

Sean Lange and his Spidernet team learned that the hard way when it came to endpoint detection and response vendors.  

Here was the mismatch: Most DNS and web management/content filtering tools weren’t designed with MSPs in mind. 

Spidernet wanted something that easily connected to its RMM, reduced (or eliminated) the need to change DNS settings and, most importantly, lightened the Spidernet team’s workload. 

It also wouldn’t hurt to save a little money on vendor bills. The filtering solutions Spidernet used previously were expensive.  Sean and his team were ready for a more cost-effective (and just plain effective) platform.

The solution

Sean researched MSP-friendly tools and ended up with a shortlist of three companies. After a successful two-week trial with Zorus Filtering with CyberSight, he had a clear winner.

Zorus integrated directly with Spidernet’s existing RMM. (Win!) Sean and his techs also didn’t have to fiddle with DNS settings to get the platform to work. (No worries about breaking the internet — another win!) Deployments were quick and simple, so Zorus was off and running on all of Spidernet’s clients in no time.

The outcome

With Zorus integrated into its security stack, Spidernet now enjoys the following benefits. 

Less wasted time 

With previous tools, Spidernet techs had to trudge through piles of data to figure out what caused an incident. 

But with Zorus, Sean and his team — blissfully — no longer have to comb through those extensive logs or look at customers’ machines. 

All the info is right there in the Zorus platform. Zorus provides a high-level overview of what the user did immediately before an attack, such as what they clicked on and where that link took them. 

“That 30,000-foot view of what went wrong was the piece of the puzzle we were missing.”

— Sean Lange, Spidernet Senior Cybersecurity Analyst

More control over work-from-home employees’ cybersecurity

Spidernet has a few high-stakes clients, including logistics companies with significant compliance requirements. Sean and his team need to provide sufficient security to protect those organizations from attacks by nation-states — and keep supply chains moving.

With Zorus, the Spidernet techs can breathe easily. They can geofence endpoints instead of leaning on firewalls. Plus, Zorus allows them to block specific URLs. 

“These days, the majority of the workforce is either hybrid or remote. You can’t just rely on firewalls to do geofencing and content filtering. With Zorus we’re able to do all of that. And more!”

— Sean Lange, Spidernet Senior Cybersecurity Analyst

Better, more efficient product support 

Maybe it’s okay to wait a few days for customer support if you’re trying to exchange a t-shirt. But with cybersecurity, every second counts. You don’t have time to wait a minute — let alone 48 hours. 

Now, Spidernet techs don’t have to twiddle their thumbs for days, waiting on product patches or customer support responses. 

Plus, the Zorus support staff are just plain friendly. Icing on the cake.

“The Zorus support team is always a pleasure to deal with. It’s not like that with the big software players, where you open a ticket and prepare to wait a few days for a response that’s usually pretty useless. With Zorus, if I open something, they’re immediately on it.”

—Sean Lange, Spidernet Senior Cybersecurity Analyst

An MSP-friendly tool that empowers more profitability

Another big consideration for MSPs is selling their services. So for Sean and Spidernet, one of the biggest bonuses of Zorus was how easy it is to include the platform into their larger service package. 

Sean likes to offer customers single, comprehensive packages. No picking and choosing off a menu of service options. Since Zorus white-labels its platform, Sean can just include it under the umbrella of services he offers to clients. 

And simple, proven service packages that do what they’re supposed to = more sales.

“The customer doesn’t know — nor do they care — what products are being used to deliver the services. They’re just looking for consistently reliable results. Zorus helps us give our clients exactly that.”

— Sean Lange, Spidernet Senior Cybersecurity Analyst

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