Case Study: Tomorrow’s Technology Today

Case Study: Tomorrow’s Technology Today

For more than 20 years, Tomorrow’s Technology Today has been providing quality IT services, now serving Toledo, Findlay, Lima, Sidney, Troy, Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus and Surrounding Areas in Ohio.

Tomorrow’s Technology Today suggests to customers that their business deserves more than just an “IT guy,” positioning themselves as a true technology partner who understands their business, listens to their needs so they can design and deploy the most appropriate, high-value solutions to every business challenge they face. They also partner with customers on the strategic planning required to optimize their use of technologies to help them continuously grow their business.

The two most important values they strive to give their customers are innovation and the peace of mind that comes from knowing their systems are monitored and managed full-time 7/24/365.

When The Terrible Technology Challenge Hit

Come March 2020, Tomorrow’s Technology Today faced the same awful challenge as the rest of the world. The COVID-19 pandemic had hit sending everyone who could to work from their home so they could slow the spread of the virus. Tomorrow’s Technology Today CEO Lisa Niekamp-Urwin explains, “With everybody going remote we didn’t have a hard firewall to deploy to each home or small office. That’s when the need came up.”

Niekamp-Urwin continues, adding, “And then we were also really struggling with throughput in protecting and making sure that everything was in place to protect our clients.”

Asked why they were struggling, Lisa Niekamp-Urwin explains how important it is in today’s IT channel for manufacturers, software developers, and service providers to be “MSP-friendly,” structured to work well with managed service providers like her company. 

Fortunately, at about that moment, Lisa attended an industry marketing event where she met the team from Zorus.

We Don’t Sell Products. We Sell Service.

For Lisa, preserving the option to change her choice of products to use for various functions is critical to her ability to always deliver the best possible service to her customers. “We don’t sell products,” she explains. “We sell service. Should a client ask what software we use for a specific purpose, I tell them we always use what our technology team feels is the best product for that purpose.” 

Her position on this is firm. “You’re paying me to protect you,” she explains. “You’re not paying for products.”

Success is Based on Support

A team like Tomorrow’s Technology Today seldom needs vendor support for basic, Tier 1 triage problems. More often than not, when they reach out for such support it is in response to a sophisticated, highly technical challenge. This usually requires rapid access to higher-level support engineers. With most vendors, Lisa Niekamp-Urwin describes the need for her to become involved to escalate such problems through the vendor’s management team. She even describes having to track down a VP on LinkedIn at some vendor companies to get their help escalating some problems. She also describes never being hesitant to do so. 

“That doesn’t happen with Zorus,” she exclaims. “The people that jump on those tickets have great knowledge. I don’t even see it getting escalated. There’s just no lagging. And they’re very good at communicating the solutions coming now and in the future. They consistently do what they say they’re going to do.”

Part of Their Standard Security Stack

Tomorrow’s Technology Today has made Zorus a prominent part of the standard security stack they use to protect all clients. Lisa Niekamp-Urwin appreciates the energy they put into keeping her and her team fully updated on all upcoming improvements and new introductions. “Next, we’re very interested in their activity monitoring so we’ve been talking a lot about that. They’re putting a lot of development work into it, so we’re very excited to see the next release.” 

When a Vendor is Your Partner

“Zorus,” declares Lisa Niekamp-Urwin, “is the kind of vendor that really is your partner. Very human. There to help you. And the support has been great with any kind of issue that we’ve had.”

How would she rate Zorus?

“Excellent. Definitely, a vendor to look at!”

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